Cheryl Gilbert, Portrait
Cheryl Gilbert: Massage Therapist, Massage in Schools Instructor, IMPACT Wellbeing Instructor

Over the years I have become increasingly interested in wellbeing and I am passionate about empowering others on their journey to achieve a sense of wellbeing. I believe that massage can help on a number of levels: physical, physiological and psychological. I believe that treating the whole body is important. An ache in one muscle might be caused by tension elsewhere. Treating the ‘whole’ also means paying attention to lifestyle. Making time to receive massages regularly is a priority for me. The brain gets a chance to filter out ‘chatter’ and to become mindful of the breath and the sensations throughout the body.

I consider work with my clients as a partnership – I am not a miracle worker! Oh that I was! So, be you a massage client or workshop participant, the more active your participation, the more I feel you will benefit. This could mean making a change to your eating habits or putting time aside to practise a relaxation skill.

I conduct my business ethically. This means that I honour confidentiality, personal records are securely stored and I have clear boundaries to my business practices. Where possible I source products that have a minimal impact on the environment.

There’s more…

Take a look at my Tamar Wellbeing Facebook page for last minute appointment availability and business activity updates. You will find an assortment of motivational quotations, pictures, research and information about massage and other aspects of health and wellbeing. I consider massage to be one part of the bigger picture of health and wellbeing. These are for interest only and any action you take as a result of reading such posts will not be the responsibility of Tamar Wellbeing or myself. Finally, you may even see the occasional snippet about me on the Facebook page.