Using hot stones for healing is not new. Around 2,000 years ago in China, people used heated stones to help improve internal organ function. It has long been part of healing work in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Egypt and India.  The use of stones with variable temperatures in massage work is relatively recent and was introduced by Mary Nelson in 1993.

My first experience of receiving a full body massage using hot stones was pleasantly surprising. I could almost sense each muscle fibre relaxing as the warmth from the stones passed deeper into the tissues. I am a sucker for heat! My body felt relaxed and my mind calmed, yet I felt surprisingly energised. The experience was different from receiving a massage given with just hands and so now I swap between the two depending on how I feel.

If you are feeling in need of relaxation, try a full body massage with heated stones and give both your mind and body a treat.

What is it?

Smooth basalt stones are heated and used to gently massage your muscles. Also, they can be placed on specific parts of your body and left for a period of time. Heat from the stones passes into muscle tissue which allows for deeper work. Cold marble stones can be glided over the skin to work on areas of inflammation or in combination with heated stones to aid circulation.

What does it involve?

Your body is covered with towels apart from the area I am working on. I use A base oil to help my hands and the stones to glide over your skin. To begin I use Swedish massage strokes with my hands before using the heated stones. I can use the stones to work over large areas of muscles or on specific points where there is tension. Any area of your body can be left out if you wish. It’s important give immediate feedback so that I know you are happy with the temperature of the stones.

What next?

Your first appointment includes a 15-20 minute consultation for which there is no charge.  I need to learn about:

  • your medical history;
  • current health;
  • lifestyle;
  • goals you wish to achieve from your massage.

I  need to know if you have any condition that contraindicates massage or that might need your GP’s or another health professional’s permission to continue.  Of concern would be heart conditions or any conditions where the application of heat would challenge the body too much. I may have to avoid massaging areas affected by certain conditions.

You can ask me questions at any time during your appointments.