On-site Seated Acupressure Massage

If you care about your business, doesn’t it make sense to care about your own and your employees’ health and wellbeing?

According to the latest information from the Labour Force Survey* stress, depression or anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders account for the majority of days lost due to work-related ill health. Stress, depression and anxiety showing an increase since the last report.

For employers, bringing massage to the workplace may help to:

  • demonstrate that employees are valued;
  • reduce days lost through ill health;
  • improve motivation, focus and creativity;
  • increase productivity.

For employees, bringing massage to the workplace may help to:

  • relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety;
  • reduce tension and pain in the body;
  • increase blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • improve energy levels.

*Source www.hse.gov.uk

What is it?

Modern seated acupressure/chair massage originates from ancient Eastern massage arts of Anma and Shiatsu. It was developed during the early 1980s with employees working in Silicon Valley, California. I use either thumb, elbow or knuckle pressure to stimulate acupressure points along the 12 major meridians to enhance energy flow along these channels. Furthermore, the treatment benefits the circulatory, muscular, nervous and lymphatic systems. It promotes the release of endorphins to boost feelings of wellbeing.

What does it involve?

Clients receive seated acupressure massage through their clothes whilst sitting on a specially designed ergonomic chair. This allows for working on the back, neck, shoulders, the arms and hands. The scalp can also be included.

Gentle pressure is applied over muscles to release tension and to calm the nervous system. Towards the end of the session, I use brisker techniques to awaken clients who can then return to work feeling both relaxed and re-energised.

A full routine lasts 20 minutes, but shorter sessions of 10 or 15 minutes can be received. Clients will usually feel the effects after one treatment; however, the full benefits of on-site seated acupressure massage develop with regular treatments.

Each prospective participant will complete a confidential screening questionnaire before treatment. I need to know about any condition that contraindicates massage or that might need a GP’s or another health professional’s permission to continue. I may have to avoid massaging areas affected by certain conditions.

What next?

Contact Tamar Wellbeing to arrange a time when we can discuss your business’ needs.