If you are experiencing a complication-free pregnancy and you are past your first trimester (12 weeks), a prenatal massage is something you might consider. Of course this is alongside the usual support you receive from health care professionals. The benefits of a relaxing massage are not just felt by yourself, but your unborn baby can also benefit.

During pregnancy your body will experience a whole range of changes. These may include physical, physiological and emotional changes. As your unborn baby develops some ligaments relax and some muscles may tighten. You may experience mood swings or tiredness. There may be swelling of your hands and feet. Regular prenatal massage may help to release muscle tension, calm your nervous system, aid digestion and stimulate circulation.

What is it?

Prenatal massage is a relaxing massage for women who are past their first trimester and are experiencing a problem-free pregnancy.

What does it involve?

Firstly, we will establish a comfortable position for you to receive your massage, which is often lying on your side and using cushions for support.  As your pregnancy progresses, you can try alternative positions to maintain comfort. Your body will be covered apart from the area I am working on and I will use a range of Swedish massage strokes with a base oil.

 What next?


Your first appointment includes a 15-20 minute consultation for which there is no charge.  I need to learn about:

  • your medical history;
  • current health;
  • lifestyle;
  • goals you wish to achieve from your massage.

I  need to know if you have any other condition that contraindicates massage or that might need your GP’s or another health professional’s permission to continue.  There are particular areas that I have to avoid during your pregnancy and there might also be other areas affected by certain conditions I need to avoid.

You can ask me questions at any time during your appointments.