therapist performing back massage

Sometimes life can feel like we are juggling balls or spinning plates. Can you keep the balls and plates in the air or have they crashed to the floor already? I believe that it is important to spend some time away from life’s challenges.  The balls and plates will still be there afterwards, but you might feel better able to interact with them afterwards, feeling calmer and less stressed.

Whether you already have a self care routine sorted and you are interested in adding massage, or you want to start prioritising some me-time and massage is your first step, Swedish massage is a great introduction.

What is it?

Swedish massage uses long flowing strokes which clients usually find relaxing and is perfect if you want to chill out. First I use the palms of my hands to warm up your skin and muscles. I then use a range of techniques to manipulate muscle structures to release tension, improve blood flow and calm nerves. Alternatively, if you feel sluggish and you want a more stimulating massage to wake you up, I use tapping and other percussion type techniques.

What does it involve?

Your body will be covered with towels apart from the area I am working on. I use base oils to help my hands glide over your skin. For a full body massage I usually start with the back, neck and shoulders and then work towards the feet. You turn over and I then work from the feet back up the body. Any area of your body can be left out if you wish. It’s helpful to receive your feedback to check that you are happy with the pressure of the strokes.

What next?

Your first appointment includes a 15-20 minute consultation for which there is no charge.  I need to learn about:

  • your medical history;
  • current health;
  • lifestyle;
  • goals you wish to achieve from your massage.

I  need to know if you have any condition that contraindicates massage or that might need your GP’s or another health professional’s permission to continue.  I may have to avoid massaging areas affected by certain conditions.

You can ask me questions at any time during your appointments.